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Cyber Infrastructure & Technology

Bypassing an Antivirus

My objective is to evade detection by VirusTotal scanners using compressed 
executable virus files. I will also Download EICAR files and encrypt them to avoid detection by VirusTotal scanners.

I will use Windows 10, WinRaR, EICAR and VirusTotal.

Creating YARA Rules

My objective is to create YARA rules, and identify infected files using ClamAV.

I will use Windows 10, ClamAV, and HxD and WinRaR.

Create an Allow List 

My objective is to create an allow list database , create a Hash Value and exclude the file.

I will use Windows 10 and ClamAV.

Configure the Modern Honey Network Server/Dionaea Honeypot

My objective is to add an open-source honeypot to a Linux virtual machine. 

I will use Linux , Modern Honey Network Server and Dionaea Honeypot.

Configure Valhala Honeypot

My objective is to Configure the Valhala honeypot to capture POP3 traffic.

I will use Linux , Windows 10 , WinRaR , and Valhala Honeypot.

Configure & Run OpenDLP/Data Loss Prevention

My objective is to run a data loss prevention system & perform a scan.

I will use Linux , Windows 10 , WinRaR , WinSCP , and OpenDLP.

Run POP3 Commands

My objective is to Connect to the POP3 machine using Telnet. Use POP3 commands to retrieve messages and find the new password.

I will use Windows 10  and Pop3Zone.

Email Spoofing

My objective is to Check whether a domain contains an SPF record. Send myself an email from the domain and examine the results and the email headers.

I will use Windows 10 , Gmail , Online MX records tool  and Fake emailer tool.

Splunk Search & Reporting : Basic Searches & Exploring SPL (Splunk Processing Language) 

My objective is to explore the search & reporting app on Splunk. I will use the search bar and input simple queries as well as Splunk Processing Language.

I will use Kali Linux & Splunk Web Interface.

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